Flow Presents at RSAC 365 Innovation Showcase

We had the pleasure of presenting at the RSAC 365 Innovation Showcase in their session on Data Security Posture Management (DSPM), co-hosted by Momentum Cyber.

The RSA Conference Showcase is part of the organizer’s commitment to support and amplify innovation, enabling community members to hear from the companies that are developing novel approaches to attack the complex problems our industry faces.

Panelists on the DSPM feature included:

  • Dino Boukouris, Founder and Managing Director, Momentum Cyber
  • Mark Kraynak, Founding Partner, Crew Capital
  • Greg Dracon, Partner, .406 Ventures

Flow presented its data security platform and discussed

  • How Flow customers go through a data security maturity process: from the moment they discover processed or stored data; through gaining an understanding of their data security posture; to finally placing the right controls over their data.
  • Flow’s data-first approach which disconnects the offering from the underlying  infrastructure, allowing to easily monitor data across cloud, on-premise and SaaS. 
  • How runtime data flow analysis allows for accurate classification since it provides context from various parameters such as how the data originated and not just how data was stored.

Interested in hearing more about Flow? Watch Flow’s story in video.

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