CrowdStrike to Acquire Flow Security to Expand Its Cloud Security Leadership with Data Security Posture Management Learn more

CrowdStrike to Acquire Flow Security to Expand Its Cloud Security Leadership with Data Security Posture Management Learn more

The Flow Platform

Not all data security platforms are created equal. Join the runtime party.

This is how we Runtime

Runtime analysis forms the core of Flow, powering real-time data discovery, classification, risk detection, and policy enforcement.

Flow is the only data security platform that harnesses eBPF. Data is analyzed pre- and post-decryption, enabling precise classification of the actual data payload. This provides unparalleled accuracy and context, tracing the complete data lineage—origin, flow, and ownership—all while ensuring data never leaves your environment.

Here's Why Runtime Outshines Log Analysis

Instant discovery & classification, for total coverage

  • Complete data discovery of active and shadow data via runtime analysis, at-rest data scanning, and cloud scanning.
  • Instant catalog of all DBs, managed and unmanaged as well as used and unused.
  • LLM-powered classifications of structured and unstructured sensitive data, such as PII, PCI, & PHI.
  • Full discovery and classification, while data never leaves your environment.

Proactive data leakage prevention and runtime enforcement

  • Continuous data flow monitoring, protecting sensitive data against loss, theft, misuse, and unauthorized access.
  • Runtime enforcement of out-of-the-box and custom policies that adapt to changing threats and data access patterns.
  • Advanced anomaly detection identifying irregular patterns or behavior, promptly flagging potential breaches or policy violations.
  • Real-time alerts via email, Slack and Webhooks, enabling security teams to act quickly.

Continuous data security posture & risk management 

  • Continuous monitoring of data risks according to security and regulatory frameworks, providing insights over time. These include sensitive data exposure, mishandling, unauthorized access, and networking issues.
  • Contextual root-cause-analysis provides instant visibility into where sensitive data is, who has access to it, how it has been used and its security posture.
  • Streamlined remediation with built-in CLI commands and extensive integrations with collaboration and ticketing management tools.

Tightened data access control & real-time policy enforcement

  • Granular map visualization of sensitive data depicting identities, accounts and access permissions.
  • Real-time enforcement of data access policies for least privileged access, providing tight controls over which identities have access to specific data.
  • Proactive identification and flagging of overly permissive or risky access, such as cross-account access, over-privileged permissions and unused permissions.

Enterprise-grade protection. Seamless deployment. 

Zero disruption

100% visibility in minutes with zero impact on resource or workload performance

No compromises

Secure data analysis and classification in your environment, no extraction needed

Effortless scaling

Seamlessly expand from a handful to thousands of data stores with no overheads

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