The Flow Platform

A single platform for Cloud, on-premises and SaaS

More than just the features you would expect
from a data security platform

Automatically discovers all your data – at rest and in motion

Create an end-to-end picture of all your data by both scanning all your cloud and on-prem assets (e.g. S3, BigQuery, RDS, Oracle Databases) and following data flows in runtime as they traverse through and out of your environment to uncover further unmanaged and SaaS assets.

Automatically classifies your data

Automatically tag sensitive data, including PII, PHI, and credit card information. Our classification engine is based on ML, enhanced with our unique view of the full data lineage in realtime. This provides you with more precise classification based on data context, such as which business unit created the data and associate it accordingly.

Manages and tracks
your data security posture

Discover and manage data risks over time including a detailed remediation proposal. This includes sensitive data exposure risks, data mishandling, data access, networking risks, cloud configuration issues, and more. Remediation becomes a frictionless process as Flow streamlines into any of your collaboration and ticketing management tools and provides direct communication with the data owner.

Detects and responds to data violations

Continuously detect and respond in real time to data incidents such as unauthorized data access, data misuse, data exfiltration performed by engineering errors, insider threats, malicious actors or suppliers.

Covering your Data Anywhere and Everywhere

Cloud and on-prem platforms

Supports all popular cloud-native platforms including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure and even on-prem environments

Platform agnostic

Runs on any platform including Kubernetes, ECS, and standalone Linux instances

Robust technology

Covers a variety of popular technologies including transport layers, message brokers, databases, and service meshes

Can’t Wait to See What Flows?

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