Flow is expanding into GenAI Security - Say hello to Flow's GenAI DLP 🚀

Flow Security Solution

A solution that reforms as the data infrastructure evolves

Automate data discovery
and classification

Catalog and visualize the entire application environment with all the assets, data stores, data flows, shadow DBs, third parties, and external services. Identify all the services and DBs that contain sensitive data such as PII, PHI, financial information, and crown jewels for security and regulatory needs.

Detect risk and
manage data posture

Flow automatically detects data-centric risks with the full context for remediation. With our simple and intuitive interface, customers define custom policies and manage the level of data exposure to their egress traffic.

Remediate and integrate
with existing workflows

Flow provides a complete integration suite for a seamless experience for all collaboration and remediation processes.

Anywhere and Everywhere

Both Cloud and On-Prem

Flow’s data security solution works across all popular cloud-native platforms including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure and even on-prem environments.

Platform Agnostic

Flow’s solution can run any platform including Kubernetes, ECS, and standalone Linux instances.

Robust Technology

Covering a variety of popular technologies including transport layers, message brokers, databases, and service meshes.

Can’t wait to see what Flows?