Cloud Data Security for Modern Architectures

Gain control over your data as it flows through your application environment

monolith to microservices

New Architectures, New Challenges

Keeping track of application data has become an impossible task. With the widespread adoption of microservices, modern architectures have become highly fragmented, consisting of many different assets that are constantly and rapidly changing.

Highly fragmented infrastructure

The increase in complexity and decentralization makes it impossible to keep track of where data is being sent to and for which purpose.

Data changes all the time

With continuous deployment, the application architecture constantly changes, making it difficult to assess where the data is at any given time and whether it’s located in the right place.

Data can easily leak

A fragmented and dynamic infrastructure makes it easy for sensitive data to end up in the wrong location and become compromised.

Remediation and prevention are tricky

Without contextual and continuous remediation advice (i.e the full path of each data object), it becomes impossible to accurately detect and prevent sensitive data from leaking from the application.
Full Coverage

The Flow Solution

End-to-End Data Flow Visibility

Continuously monitor the exact route of data objects as they flow through the application’s environment.

Instant and Accurate Alerting

Get instant alerts when the data flows to the wrong place, and easily integrate with your alerting systems.

Swift and Effective Remediation

Get an event-based in-context report aggregating the information needed for swift remediation.

cutting edge technology

eBPF-Powered Solution

Safe and secure by design

Easy deployment within minutes

Your code remains untouched

Uses minimal resources