Securing Data Wherever it Flows

Data Security Platform that discovers, classifies and protects sensitive data in and outside application environments

data liquidity requires a new paradigm

In an ever-changing environment, scanning data stores is insufficient.
Flow’s revolutionary platform is the first that analyzes data not only at-rest but also in-motion to secure data wherever it flows.

Revolutionizing Data Security

Unveiling sensitive data throughout your environment

Sensitive data is fragmented over thousands of applications, data stores, and SaaS providers in an ever-changing architecture. Flow provides a full mapping of all data-flows and data stores inside and outside the public cloud, on-prem, including external services and shadow DBs.

Eliminating data risks and preventing data breaches

Flow alerts on the most business-critical data-centric risks affecting security and regulatory violations. With Flow’s first-of-its-kind context that includes the full data journey and business application, security teams can collaborate and remediate data risks effectively and accurately.

Managing egress data exposure and reducing the attack surface

Flow is the only platform that classifies sensitive data flows to SaaS and third parties from the application environment. Therefore, able to detect risky data flows caused by human errors or by third-party libraries deployed in production.

Tightening data access controls and managing least privilege

Flow’s unique approach to application environments enables analysis to data access and permissions that are being used by specific services. Allowing security teams to govern access and tighten privileges based on the actual application usage.

Flow Security has been named under the newly coined DSPM category in the Gartner® Hype Cycle™ For Data Security, 2022

5 Key Takeaways

Trusted by Security Experts

Nir Chervoni Head of Data Security
“Flow reinvents cloud data security with seamless integration into the application environment, autonomous asset discovery, and data flow mapping focused on sensitive data visibility״
Jonathan Jaffe CISO,
“Anything that increases development privileges will generate security challenges. But with Flow’s solution, I can stay aware of any sensitive changes to my application data with zero effort”
Alex Nayshtut CISO,
“Gaining Flow’s complete data visibility with a single command-line installation gave us valuable insights instantly”

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