Secure your data wherever it flows

The data security platform that analyzes data both at rest and as it moves through applications to shadow datastores and SaaS.
For data in cloud, on-prem and at external services.

Regain control over your data

Reduce the risk of a data breach

Fence your data against security risks and threats

Automate data regulation processes


Eliminate over reliance on engineering teams

Create a single source of truth for data

Fast and easy remediation

Root cause analysis by analyzing the full data journey

Flow is not just your cloud scanning utility.
It’s the data security platform you always imagined.

Our deep scanning of data at rest together with runtime analysis of data in motion
gives you the full data journey from creation to destination.

With Flow, you can:

Automatically discover all your data and visualize the full data journey

Automatically classify all sensitive data, including PII, PHI and PCI

Continuously manage and track your data security posture

Detect and respond to data violations in real time

Flow is the only data security platform that analyzes both data at rest and data in motion

Full coverage. Yes, even for on-premises, applications and SaaS.

Next-level classification enriched with context.

Root-cause analysis for effective remediation.

Data violation detection and response.
In real time.

Continuous monitoring. But with reduced cloud security billing expenses.

Trusted by Security Experts

Nir Chervoni Head of Data Security
“Flow reinvents cloud data security with seamless integration into the application environment, autonomous asset discovery, and data flow mapping focused on sensitive data visibility״
Alex Nayshtut CISO,
“Gaining Flow’s complete data visibility with a single command-line installation gave us valuable insights instantly”

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