On-Demand Webinar: The GenAI Frontier – Data Security Quest

In the rapidly evolving world of GenAI, the lines between groundbreaking innovation and potential data risks are increasingly blurred. As GenAI inherently involves the transmission of sensitive data to third-party services, it raises critical questions about security and privacy.

Explore the intricacies of GenAI data security by watching our on-demand webinar, “Navigating the GenAI Frontier: A Data Security Quest”.

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In the webinar, we explore these key topics:

  1. Integrating GenAI Security into Your Data Security Strategy: Understand why GenAI security is a crucial component of your overall data security program.
  2. Navigating the Shift to GenAI: Learn about the potential pitfalls and what to look out for as you transition into the GenAI landscape.
  3. Beyond Traditional Data Scanning: Discover why conventional data scanning methods fall short in the context of GenAI, and what advanced measures are needed.
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